Culture and Responsibility /

Team Reliable

Team’s code of conduct

Team’s professionalism

Team’s responsibility


  • Team Reliable

    Team’s code of conduct

    Team’s professionalism

    Team’s responsibility


  • Value Observance

    Fully exploiting the industry value

    Collaboratively promoting value growth

    Fully maximizing value guidance


  • Adherence to Responsibility

    Organizational structure design based on responsibility

    Business processes constructed around responsibly

    Responsibly promoting collaborative development


  • Market Orientation

    Follow the logic of technology and industry

    Observe the contractual terms and the commitments with clients

    Market principal oriented


Society is a fertile ground for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises. Enterprises grow as by creating values constantly. JIC Investment has integrated shareholders’ responsibility, economic responsibility, social responsibility and employees’ responsibility into business management and corporate culture, achieving the company's comprehensive coordinated and sustainable development.

  • Responsibility to Shareholders
    JIC Investment is obligated to ensure the interests of shareholders. With the investment philosophy of value discovery and value creation, it has sought steady growth for enterprises, with a sincere attitude, systematic management, and scientific investment means. It is also achieving an increase of value for the state-owned assets.

  • Responsibility to Nation
    JIC Investment is resolutely determined to comply with national laws and regulations, prioritizing industries contributing a major part to the economic development and fostering invested enterprises to become global leaders, with the upgrading of technology and consumption as its focus. Supporting national industry is also our responsibility.

  • Responsibility to Society
    As an entity responsible for social and economic growth, we have strived to make all management and business activities of the enterprises conform to ethical standards. Moreover, we are dedicated to investing in community welfare, contributing to social charities and supporting environmental conservation activities.

  • Responsibility to Employees
    Innovation is a source for development of enterprises, and innovation comes from the wisdom of employees. JIC Investment has offered a clear career path and development platform for employees, providing continuous learning and training opportunities for them to accomplish distinguished career development. This has enables employees to build and create a better life.

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